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Q.  What is ‘Books & Toys’ about?

A.  Books & Toys is the blogging platform which recommends best & affordable Books (mainly for adults) and Toys (mainly for kids).

Q.  How do you find best & affordable Books and Toys?

A.   We do search in more than 50 online books and toys online stores which we have partnered with, check customer rating and reviews compare prices and pick the most appropriate. There after the items are listed in our blog post.

Q.   Could you assist someone in searching for a book or a toy?

A.   Yes, we do just contact Us (mention the item you are searching for in your message)

Q.   what happens when you receive an email from a visitor who wants to buy a book or a toy?

 A.   We do refer him or her to a best and affordable product after comparing prices from different stores.

Q.   What else do you do?

A.   We do write the blog posts about the subject most people are searching for, but they are unable to find the actual results or enough information. After that, we refer them to books authored about the same searched information.

Q.   Anything else about toys?

A.   Children and adults use toys, like the way we do with books, we also recommend best toys for children of all ages.

Q.   What are your best online stores of books and toys?

A.   We don’t have the best online stores. We believe most online stores offer best products and services depending on what customer wants. For example, some may be good at swift shipping others may offer durable products and so on. Hence, it is our desire to direct our visitor to the best seller in accordance to his or her need.