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How to Choose the Right Toys For Your Cat?

Cats are known for being low-maintenance animals. However, what many people don’t understand is being low maintenance doesn’t signify that cats don’t need toys and stuff. Like dogs, cats also require toys to keep them healthy and satisfied.

However, cats are picky, so choosing the right toy for them is not a piece of cake. If it’s your first time choosing a cat toy, it will likely go unnoticed unless you follow a guide like ours.

What Are Some of the Best Toys For Cats?

There are hundreds of cat toys available in the market. However, some are more preferred by cats than others. Here are the most recommended types of toys you can choose from for indoor cats;


Shiny Toys

Toys that shine or gives off light like laser are the most preferred by cats. Modern toys like interactive LEDs that give off light in the form of a mouse or fish make the cats drool over.  So, you surely won’t be disappointed with taking home some shiny toys or lasers for your feline.


Rolling Toys

Every cat loves toys that roll or move on its own. Such toys unlock their preying instincts. That is the reason why you find your cat running after the conventional wool balls. 

Similarly, you can also choose some interactive cat balls that move on their own. Although they are new in the market, self-rotating balls will hardly take seconds to get your cat up and moving. What’s more, such balls automatically change their directions, avoiding walls, tables, chairs, etc., on their way.


Plush Toys

Everyone knows that how much cats love to chew, toss, and carry things in their mouths. Therefore, getting a soft plush toy for your kitten is also a good idea. 

Such plush, chewable toys will not only keep your cat busy but will also let you play fetch with your beloved kitty.


Catnip Toys, Silvervine Sticks

Toys imbued with catnip or silvervine sticks are also among the top in cat’s favorite toys list. Although only 50-60% of cats are affected by catnips, those who are affected are met with euphoria and calmness.

If your cat is affected by catnip, it’s wise to have a few catnip toys in your arsenal. However, too much exposure can make cats aggressive. Therefore, it’s best to put them away after playtime. To ensure catnip remains potent and long-lasting, store them within a sealed bag in a freezer.

Nevertheless, if your cat doesn’t go bonkers for catnip, then you can try silvervine sticks. They not only keep your cat calm and relaxed but also promotes good health and digestion. 


4 Things You Should Consider When Choosing the Right Cat Toy

Of course, you wouldn’t want the toy you bought for your cat with much love and dedication to end up in the corner. So, it’s wise to consider a few things when buying one for your feline.


Durability & Safety of the Toy

Always be vigilant of the safety and protection that comes with the toy. Thoroughly examine the toy to point out any sharp objects that may hurt your kitty or glued parts that can be easily swallowed.

Glues are notorious for acting as a poison for cats. If there are any parts on the toy that are glued, like nose or eyes, and if it’s likely the cat might consume them along with the glue, then remove them. Don’t worry, the cat won’t even notice.

Also, make sure to check the durability of the toy. Find out which material the toy is made up of. If your cat likes to play rough, then it would be good to choose a toy made of hard rubber. It would protect the toy from everyday wear and tear.


Movement of the Toy

Although cats love soft toys, the toy they go crazy over is the one whose movement resembles a prey. As cats are hunters, they prefer a toy that appears more like prey — the best example is a toy mouse.So, do you think the toy you bought moves like prey? Looks like a prey? If yes, then your cat would definitely get bonkers over that toy.


Size of the Toy

The size of the toy matters a lot when choosing the right toy for your cat. A toy too small or too large both can end up creating problems for your kitty.

A too-small toy would probably end up in the stomach after getting swallowed by the cat. There it would get stuck or cause severe gastrointestinal diseases.

Whereas a toy too large for your cat would only end up scaring and frightening away your cat. So, it’s always ideal to choose a toy that goes along with your kitty’s size.


Sound of the Toy          

Now more and more sound-based cat toys are coming into the market. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that some cats get scared when they witness these toys. 

Although motorized toys appeal to many cats, some kitties get frightened and run away when they encounter such toys. It depends on the individual personality of the cats.

So, look out for how your cat reacts to the squeaky sound of prey, loud noises, and only then decide to bring home a motorized or squeaky chewable toy at home or not.



Why Does My Cat Bring me Toys?

If your cat randomly brings you toys, then it’s a sign that the cat trusts you. Cats like to show affection in unnatural ways, and this is one of them. It can also mean that your cats want you to play fetch with them.

A cat brings you a toy can also mean that the cat has come to show you his prize possession, his trophy. As cats are hunters by nature, it’s no wonder that the cat might show off his prey (In this case, the toy) to earn some treats and affection.

However, a cat bringing you a toy and meow can also signal that the toy is damaged. It can also mean that the cat has lost interest in playing with the toy, probably because it has broken.


Why Do Cats Put Toys in Water?

Cats are hunters and a fan of fish hunting. The act of putting toys in water can be seen in correspondence to fishing. It’s likely that your cat may like to do some fish hunt, and the most reasonable way they stumbled on is to put toys in the water bowl and fish them out.

It’s theorized that many cats like to hide/store their bounties in the safest part of their territory. In this case, they consider their food and water bowl the safest part. Thus, they like to put/hide toys in the water.

Again, this whole behavior of putting toys in water can be just for fun. We know how feisty cats are, and considering their playful nature, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that cats put toys in water just for fun.

In addition, both cats and dogs should be provided with safe toys to avoid common risks for pets. Click here to read more about dog toys.


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