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Importance of Reading: 17 Benefits

The culture of reading has been emphasized from ancient times due to its importance and benefits. Below is an outline of what we benefit from reading.

Generating Great Ideas

As it is told by philosophers; “simple minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, complex minds discuss ideas.”

Ideas are like vehicles transporting goods from one place to the next planned place

Formation of ideas evolve from the critical thinker whose aim is to achieve something for specific reason. All the wonderful things we are seeing today- it could be great skills, technology, wealth, etc. – started as ideas. Whenever  a ‘nice’ book is read all the ideas which the reader has conveyed become strengthened. We could possibly generate our ideas through cultivating the behavior of reading books.

Exercising the Nervous System- (Brain)

The most complex organ of the body is the brain which has about 86 billion neurons. Like any other human organ the brain needs proper exercise for it to perform its functions effectively.

Some of the well-known ways of exercising the nervous system are;

  – Swimming

  – Cycling

  – Jumping

  – Rowing

  –  running

Besides these types of physical exercises listed above, there is an addition of reading as part of brain exercise. You are likely to keep the brain in shape when you read regularly.

Creativity Enhancement

We become more creative when we interact in different environments. By having books on our side the creativity increases.


“No entertainment is so cheap as reading, nor any pleasure so lasting.”     Mary Wortley Montagu


Movies entertain, books entertain too. The testimonies, tales, reports, stories – found in books have a huge role in entertainment. In fact, we grasp more concepts when we read than when we watch a movie.  

Fights off Insomnia

A study has shown than reading reduces insomnia.

Lowering of Blood Pressure and Heart Rate.

Did you know that there are some deaths which were reported as a result of watching movies? Movies raise heart rate and blood pressure while books just do the opposite.

Stress Reduction

A study has shown that people who read at least 20 pages pay day are less stressed compared to ‘non- readers. Stressful moments become so challenging to the extent that one could lead himself/herself in serious experiences like suicidal behavior and raising a blood pressure. In the favorite books in the hands stress could be contained.

Talent Development

The combination of beliefs, ideas, concepts and other aspects which are absorbed from reading of books could make one develop a desired talent

Desire Fulfillment

 Meeting the right people in an adventure of reading fulfils desires.

Personal Development                          

 Reading materials are full of correct and effective tools for personal development. You could possibly develop powerful traits which could help you in attaining and fulfilling your goals.

Becoming a New- Borne Daily

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss

Learning starts from conception to death, – it is a continuous process, which only terminates when our dark day approaches. Hence, as we read we acquire lessons and we do become perpetual learners thereby becoming new individuals in every lesson acquired. Robert kiyosaki the Author of ‘rich dad poor dad’ once said, “We die the day we stop reading”.

 Joining the Worlds of Great People

“Reading brings us unknown friends.” Honore de Belzac

We seldom meet the Authors of books we do possess, nevertheless, their writings exert the influence on us to the extent that we mentally and physically join their worlds. They convert us to their beliefs and eventually become our ‘distant’ friends.

A Way To Escape Harmful Concepts We Have Been Fed.

During Childhood people are venerable to bulk of traditions, beliefs and all sorts of indoctrinating concepts, this is so, because they tend to have no or less control to the environment they found themselves in.  The other reason is during childhood the brain is not yet mature to attract or repel the information- it is mostly absorbing every word and action.  Reading resets the mind, correct it and load it the useful information one chooses- it could be change of religion or career or anything. 



Reading materials are full of motivational talks. Once great books are acquired and read, fear finds its exit, negativity is replaced with positivity.      




Overcoming Fear

Fear is a frightening thought, a feeling of anxiety caused by an emotion of a negative result. If not handled properly it could lead to enormous failure. Thousands of people have failed to succeed in life, not because of their incapability but because of one of our great enemies – fear. There are plenty of books which address fear; – its causes, results and how to overcome it.

Practicing Unguided Learning.

 We learn many things by our own than we do when guided by others. Sometimes, we may not come across people who could assist us to follow instructions, skills acquisition, know ‘how -to-guides’ etc. –but if you are used to reading everything seems possible through unguided learning.

Holding on to Visions and Missions

As it is outlined earlier fear being one of jeopardizing enemies to success- our visions and missions too could be affected if fear is not handled properly. A big appreciation goes to the authors of motivational books which eliminates fear and keep us on focus to our goals, visions and missions. When you are fully motivated for reading your imaginations come to reality.     

in conclusion, to come up with books which are more beneficial to you, its advisable to be in possession with books which are suiting your interests. You are free to contact us, we could possibly assist you in searching best and affordable books for you. 

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