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Importance of Toys in Childhood

Children enjoy an environment surrounded by different kinds of toys. This is because their world prefers the excitement to loneliness. Below is a brief outline of the importance of toys to children:

Cognitive Development

Cognitive development mainly refers to the way people think, solve problems, and acquire skills and so on. It mainly happens in the first five years of a child’s growth.
While the child is interacting with a variety of toys, he or she develops cognitively in his or her own world. For example, a child who is in contact with building toys may develop a skill of sorting out things in a given logical order.

The toys, play an important role in children’s cognitive development in terms of information processing, memory and intelligence. As a guardian, it is vital to search for toys suitable for a child’s age as a way of enhancing the accumulation of knowledge.

Emotional Development

Emotional development mainly deals with feelings management. According to psychologists it originates from birth and continues to grow at an adult stage. Children who are used to play with toys tend to develop emotionally faster than those who don’t.
For example, a child who dismantles a toy and feels guilty may assemble it and resolve an issue before reporting to an elderly person.

Social Development

Social development is attained through mingling with other people of different personality, however, children have an additional way for social development and that is by being surrounded with toys. This is because some toys become interesting when used by a group of people rather than by one. Whenever children play with their peers using toys they develop socially.


Educational toys are good for both teaching and learning aids. Recognition of letters, numbers and language skills are enhanced by educational toys.


Kids of all ages enjoy the entertainment. There is a good number of toys which could be used to entertain kids at their spare time.

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